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April came and went, first plants and seeds went in.

 The focus these days has been to get the plants and seeds into the ground and time it just right that the rain can water them all in! So far things have worked out well, although overall the soil has been on the dry side and we have been irrigating quite a bit already.  …
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Spring thaw

With the snow finally gone, I have been able to work out at the farm cleaning up the harvest supplies, sharpening tools, adding to the rock heaps, and obsessively plan where all of this season's crops will go. No matter how much I work on crop rotation during the winter, there are always changes to…
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Agriculture Works

Every Spring I sow seeds either in flats in the greenhouse or outside into the soil and hold my breath until the first germination. Why should I be surprised when the little white shoot just barely breaks through the soil, slowly turning into a bright green seedling? It's what is supposed to happen! It reminds…
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Not quite Spring

I was told an old weather proverb today: "Warm weather is not here to stay until Winter song birds freeze three times. I feel sorry for those birds because I actually think they froze three times today alone! It was an interesting day with sunny skies and wet, snow falling simultaneously. Then the skies turned…
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