CSA registration is open!

The plans for 2018 are well underway. Seeds are ordered (I do this to guarantee my preferred cultivars), greenhouse heater is installed and waiting to be fired up, tools and supplies are ready to go. I have some construction projects for later this Winter, including the new walk in cooler which will fit neatly in…
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The start of a new, and very different, season

Today, the first of May, it seems finally that Winter has lazily moved over for Spring. The silence and sleepiness is now replaced with insect emergence, frantic nest building, and busy farmers feeling rushed to get soil plowed, minerals spread, and seeds and plants tucked into the warming soil. ┬áNew life finally emerges from deep…
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2014 season about to begin!

So, I can admit that I dropped the ball on the blog last season (the last update was in early May before the peas really even needed that trellis!!). I don't think I need to tell anyone that farm work is hurried work, and between juggling the expanding CSA, weekly market demands, and the challenges…
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